What are Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor in together? (2023)

What are Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor in together?

Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse had to turn up the charm for their latest movie, Moonshot — and they're happy they got to do it together.

Is Lana Condor engaged?

January 28, 2022: Lana and Anthony announce their engagement

Lana Condor and Anthony De La Torre are headed down the aisle! The couple took to Instagram on Friday to announce their engagement. The actress posted behind-the-scenes footage from their engagement. "Saying YES was the easiest decision I've ever made.

How old is Lana Condor?

25 years (May 11, 1997)
Lana Condor / Age
Image of How old is Lana Condor?

Who had a crush on Cole Sprouse?

"I think he's adorable," she told "Variety."

Who did Cole Sprouse have a crush on in friends?

It turns out Cole had a huge crush on Jennifer Aniston, to the point that it made it "quite difficult to work in front of her." "I was a child," Cole said. "I would stammer a lot, and I would forget my lines."

Are Noah Centineo and Lana Condor together?

The To All the Boys I've Loved Before actor took to Instagram to announce that she is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre. Her co-star Noah Centineo congratulated the couple.

Is Joey King engaged?

Joey King Shared a Rare Look at Her 'Wonderful Life' With Fiancé Steven Piet. The actor has kept her relationship extremely private since announcing her engagement in March 2022. Joey King would like you to get to know her fiancé, Steven Piet.

Who is Lana in love with?

By the end of season two, Lana and Clark slowly try and start a romantic relationship, but fear backlash from Chloe because of her personal feelings for Clark.

How long have Lana Condor and her boyfriend been together?

"5 years with the man of my dreams," Condor wrote alongside a photo of her hugging De La Torre. "You are still my most favorite person in the world. You are my best friend. You have taught me how to love and to be loved, to forgive and to grow, to never give up, to be each others teammate and cheerleader.

When did Lana Condor start dating her BF?

Lana Condor and boyfriend Anthony De La Torre have been together since 2015, and their relationship is nothing short of romantic. The first time the couple met, they both knew there was something special between them. “His pickup line was just, 'Hey, I'm Anthony.

Is Lana Condor fully Vietnamese?

Lana Therese Condor is a Vietnamese-born American actress. She made her film debut in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), portraying Jubilation Lee / Jubilee. Condor was born on May 11, 1997 in Can Tho, Vietnam and was adopted by her American parents, Mary Carol (Haubold) and journalist Robert Condor, as an infant.

Who is Cole Sprouse current GF?

Now, Sprouse is dating model Ari Fournier and is keeping things very low-key. The duo were first linked in March 2021 when they were spotted holding hands in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, they've gone Instagram official and have shared a few sweet moments with fans on occasion.

Was Lili and Cole together?

Cole Sprouse is opening up about his past relationship with his Riverdale costar Lili Reinhart. In a new interview with GQ, Sprouse said despite all of the public interest that surrounding his romance with Reinhart, their relationship was "as real as it gets."

Are Lili and Cole engaged?

Sprouse and Reinhart ended their relationship for good in August 2020. Sprouse is now dating model Ari Fournier. Although Reinhart and Sprouse's relationship had “all this public currency,” what he and Reinhart shared was “as real as it gets,” he told GQ.

Who had the most kisses in Friends?

  • Matt LeBlanc's Joey Tribbiani had the most sexual partners over 10 seasons of the show: 17, according to an analysis by splitsider.com. ...
  • Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe Buffay and David Schwimmer's Ross Gellar tied for second, with 16 partners each.
More items...
Jul 28, 2011

Who did Phoebe slept with?

Phoebe had many one-episode boyfriends throughout the series run, and definitely had the most sexual relationships with characters played by famous actors. During the ten season run, Phoebe hooked up with characters played by Hank Azaria, Charlie Sheen, Michael Rapaport, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, and Paul Rudd.

Who slept with each other in Friends?

Of course, there are the obvious ones — Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler — even Rachel and Joey, but as die-hard Friends fans know, nearly everycombination of the “Friends” have hooked up at one point or another; we saw Phoebe and Ross hook up in one of the flashback episodes that addresses the group's incestuous ...

Who is Lana Condor's fiance?

Anthony De La Torre (2022–)
Lana Condor / Partner
Image of Who is Lana Condor's fiance?

Who is Lana Condor in BoJack Horseman?

BoJack Horseman (TV Series 2014–2020) - Lana Condor as Casey McGarry - IMDb.

Who did Cole date on Riverdale?

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse dated for over two years after finding love on the set of Riverdale, the showmance began back in 2017 with life imitating art as their onscreen characters, Betty and Jughead, also became an item!

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