What happens to Kate in episode 8 of Bridgerton? (2023)

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What happens to Kate in Bridgerton episode 8?

Kate spends an entire week in a coma, and, when she wakes up, she's disappointed to find out that Lord Bridgerton has not come to visit her. Unbeknownst to her, Anthony is struggling with his own feelings regarding death, duty, and love.

What happens to Kate in the last episode of Bridgerton?

Kate and Anthony are married.

Kate and Anthony wake up in bed together in the last scene of the season (Jonathan Bailey's favorite scenes!)

What accident happens to Kate Bridgerton?

Knowing she is a fan of horseback riding, he follows her into the woods, but Kate's horse throws her off. Luckily, Anthony is there to rescue Kate but she has a concussion and is put into a coma.

What was Kate's secret Bridgerton?

Kate has also secretly been in cahoots with Edwina's grandparents, who disowned Mary (Shelley Conn) after she chose to marry Kate's father, to provide Edwina with a dowry if she lands an English nobleman. RELATED:'Bridgerton': Who Are the Sharmas? The Sheffields in the book are from the English countryside.

Does Kate survive Bridgerton?

Yes, Kate Sharma survives her riding accident. The penultimate episode of season 2 ends with Kate (Simone Ashley) riding through the rain and falling off her horse when it fails to jump over a hedge.

Does Kate survive the fall in Bridgerton?

He thinks it's his fault, and he doesn't even go to see Kate because he's so scared she might die. Fortunately, however, Kate wakes up about 15 minutes into the finale, putting a stop to our worries! So no, Kate does not die in Bridgerton season 2.

What happens to Kate when she falls off the horse in Bridgerton?

As Anthony has also gone horse riding, he is mere meters away when the life-threatening accident happens. Once he rushes to her aid, he carries her back to Mayfair and ensures she seeks rest/treatment. It's a long wait, but Kate finally recovers and is left with no lasting damage.

Does Kate Bridgerton have a baby?

In author Julia Quinn's Bridgerton book series, Kate and Anthony welcome four children: Edmund, Miles, Charlotte and Mary. They also have a dog named Newton.

Will Kate be in season 3 of Bridgerton?

Thankfully, Simone Ashley, who plays Kate Sharma, a.k.a. Viscountess Bridgerton, will be returning. “We're going to be back! Kate and Anthony are just getting started,” she revealed in March 2022.

Who was Lady Bridgerton pregnant with when her husband died?

She was married to Lord Bridgerton until his death while she was pregnant with their eighth child, Hyacinth.

Did Anthony and Kate sleep together?

Anthony and Kate first get intimate in episode 7, which is the penultimate episode of the season. They had already kissed in episode 6, but this is when they give into each other totally and have sex.

Does Kate survive?

Yes, sadly, Kate does die following a breast-cancer battle in the Firefly Lane books by Kristin Hannah, on which the Netflix series is based. Before Kate succumbs to the late-stage disease, Tully comes home early from Antarctica to be by her best friend's side and support her through her cancer journey.

Why does Anthony sniff Kate?

Anthony admits that, from his very first encounter with Kate, he noticed her lily scent. Very quickly, Anthony begins lusting after this scent, physically sniffing the air, tracking Kate's lingering presence. These interactions highlight their animalistic, passionate, and sensory love.

Why does Kate always wear purple Bridgerton?

The pinks and blues are richer and the silvers deepen as she grows and matures. She begins as a porcelain doll and becomes a woman," Mirojnick told Vogue. Once she marries Simon (Regé-Jean Page), she begins wearing more purple, which symbolizes the mixture of her family's blue hues and Simon's red wardrobe.

How did Kate's skin glow on Bridgerton?

How did you achieve that Bridgerton glow? 'The Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Highlighter + Balm Duo was our staple to create that lit-from-within glow,' explains Ökvist. 'For the women, we mixed shades Nude and Golden, then applied with fingers where the light hits the face, including the high planes of the cheekbones.

Who married Eloise?

Eloise Bridgerton and Sir Phillip Cane

husband-less spinster, content with her books as her companion, the sassy middle child of the family's storyline is surprising in several ways.

Does Edwina get mad at Kate?

She confronted Kate, saying she knew Kate had feelings for Anthony. Kate tried to deny it, but Edwina knew and was angry at Kate for keeping it from her. Mary consoled Edwina and sent Kate away. Anthony came to see Edwina, who told him she was still considering whether or not she would go forward with the wedding.

Does Colin end up with Penelope?

The heightened emotions get to both of them, and they wind up making out in the carriage. Colin promptly proposes to Penelope and, after some miscommunications with her mother, they're engaged.

What does Kate Sharma smell like?

While uncreatively named, this would no doubt be favourable to the elder Miss Sharma. As she is so often described as scented with lilies and soap, a rather… practical combination, this airy perfume would suit her unique taste.

Does Edwina marry the prince?

Edwina getting a happily ever after is something that happens in Quinn's novel, though it is not Prince Friedrich she marries because he is a character who appears solely in the Bridgerton series. In the books, Edwina ends up marrying Mr. Bagwell, a scholar and second son in his family.

Who does Kate end up with Bridgerton?

Viewers rejoiced when the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathon Bailey) and Miss Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) finally admitted their unbridled passions for one another and ultimately married by the end of the season.

Who married Penelope Featherington?

Penelope Featherington marries Colin Bridgerton. Penelope is the third of four Featherington sisters.

What happened to Edwina Sharma?

In the epilogue of The Viscount Who Loved Me, the book on which Bridgerton's second season is based, it is revealed that Edwina does get married as she's referred to as Mrs. Bagwell.

How many kids do Daphne and Simon have?

Much like her mother, Daphne follows family tradition and names her five children in alphabetical order. Starting with the couple's first child Amelia, the Hastings give birth to two more daughters, Belinda and Caroline, and then two sons, David and Edward.

How many kids does Anthony Kate have?

In the Bridgerton novels, written by Julia Quinn, Kate and Anthony end up with four kids, so it's likely that fans will get to see them stepping into the role of parents at some point during the show's reign.

What do Daphne and Simon name the baby?

By the end of season one, Daphne and Simon have reconciled their differences. Their "happily ever after" ending features the the birth of a new baby, August (nicknamed Auggie).

Will Daphne be in season 3?

Phoebe Dynevor has confirmed that Daphne Bridgerton will not appear in Season 3 of Netflix's “Bridgerton.” “I'm just excited to watch as a viewer,” Dynevor told Screen Rant on Saturday, after confirming her character was “sadly not in season 3.”

Will the Duke of Hastings be in season 3?

Regé-Jean Page, who played the Duke of Hastings Simon Bassett, did not return to the show for season two, and he won't be back for season three. He shared that the show should feel free to recast his role. Page confirmed via Instagram that he will not be reprising his role as the Duke of Hastings in the third season.

Why has Simon left Bridgerton?

Back in April 2021, Regé-Jean Page shocked the ton when he exited Bridgerton after just one season as Duke Simon Basset. As for his reasoning? "I signed up to do a job and I did the job and then I did some other jobs," he recently told Vanity Fair for their Hollywood Issue cover story. "That's it.

Does Eloise marry Theo?

According to the novels Eloise and Theo do not end up together. In fact, Theo doesn't feature in the books at all.

Why was Featherington killed?

When Lord Archibald Featherington (Ben Miller) was murdered for his bad gambling debts during the first season of Bridgerton, we were all a bit shocked with that salacious turn of events.

Was Eloise Bridgerton pregnant?

Eloise does not become pregnant in Quinn's second book, but she does become a stepmum in the fifth book titled To Sir Phillip, With Love, where she is considered a “spinster” because she is unmarried at the age of 28.

Do Anthony and Kate live happily ever after?

Kate's accident plays a different role

When she recovers, Anthony realizes that he loves her, leading to their happily-ever-after. In the book, however, Anthony and Kate are already married when the accident happens.

Did Anthony love Kate in the books?

In the books, Anthony realizes he loves Kate when she is crushed by a carriage towards the end of the story. He smiled through his tears.

Do Kate and Anthony get married in episode 8?

Anthony finally visits Kate, and she asks her to marry her! Kate rejects his proposal. Instead, she says that she will be returning to India. Eloise and Theo nearly kiss, but she backs out.

Could Kate be saved?

The good news is that Kate can likely be saved, even with less than optimal choices up to this point. For clarity, this guide has been updated with tables that detail the outcomes of each dialogue choice, regardless of the actions taken up to this moment.

What is Kate's secret on you?

In Episode 7, Kate sits Joe down and confesses that she is actually the one responsible for those children getting cancer in the process of getting the pipeline built — not Tom. Kate was 19, a business prodigy, hungry for approval and unapologetic about the harm she caused.

How does Kate end up in a coma?

Anthony and Kate get together — but it takes a while

Kate falls while horseback riding in the rain, and is into a coma for about a week. While she's unconscious, Anthony comes face-to-face with the very fear that kept him from wanting to fall in love, ever since his father died: He's afraid of losing people.

Why does Anthony show 3 fingers to Kate?

In the final episode of the season, Anthony holds up four fingers to Kate to check if she has recovered from her accident. He initially puts up three fingers but then flips his hand to reveal four fingers. In the book series Bridgerton is based on, Kate and Anthony end up having four children.

What does Anthony whisper to Kate?

You are the bane of my existence,” Anthony whispers to her, all fear and fervour, “and the object of all my desires”.

Why was Anthony so scared when Kate got stung?

Kate gets stung by a bee on the chest. Anthony, whose father died from a bee sting, is afraid that she will die.

Why is Penelope always dressed in yellow?

Season one costume designer Ellen Mirojnick originally chose yellow for Penelope - whose alter ego is gossip columnist Lady Whistledown - because it represents her deceitful nature and also ties back to the Regency era, when yellow was one of the more fashionable colors.

What do Kate's bracelets mean in Bridgerton?

Kate lends Edwina a set of bangles before her wedding day, telling her younger sister that they belonged to her birth mother. However, Edwina insists that Kate should wear them instead. Bangles are traditionally worn by the person getting married, though.

Is Kate wearing a wig in Bridgerton?

“I'm wearing two wigs,” she revealed back in January 2021. “It's a wig on top of a wig!

Why is Eloise Bridgerton hair down?

In season one, Eloise was yet to make her debut in society, and so wore her hair down and appeared to have very little time for wearing elaborate dresses, unlike her older sister, Daphne.

What race is Kate Bridgerton?

While his love interest in the books goes by the name of Kate Sheffield, showrunner Chris Van Dusen has adapted the character for Ashley, making her Kate Sharma to acknowledge her Indian background.

How does Kate get hurt in bridgerton Season 2?

As it is pouring, Anthony gets on a horseback to find Kate, and sees her fall off her horse and hit her head. She's unconscious, and he rushes her to a doctor—but Kate doesn't wake for a week.

Does Edwina forgive Kate?

As a result, Edwina not only forgives Kate and Anthony but gives them her blessing to move forward with their romance. And just six months later, Kate and Anthony are married!

Which episode does Kate get hurt in Bridgerton?

Episode 8, “The Viscount Who Loved Me”

And that's what we see in the season finale. As Kate recovers from a terrible accident, Anthony realizes how cold his life would be without her.

Is Kate in season 3 of Bridgerton?

Ashley promised that Kate and Anthony will have an arc as newlyweds in the third season. "Yes, there will be a post-marriage Kanthony story for sure," she told E! News in March 2022.

Is Kate wearing a wig in Bridgerton season 2?

“I'm wearing two wigs,” she revealed back in January 2021. “It's a wig on top of a wig!

How many kids do Kate and Anthony have?

In author Julia Quinn's Bridgerton book series, Kate and Anthony welcome four children: Edmund, Miles, Charlotte and Mary. They also have a dog named Newton.

Does Edwina get a happy ending?

Edwina getting a happily ever after is something that happens in Quinn's novel, though it is not Prince Friedrich she marries because he is a character who appears solely in the Bridgerton series. In the books, Edwina ends up marrying Mr. Bagwell, a scholar and second son in his family.

How many children do Simon and Daphne have?

The sweet selfie was shared to Dynevor's Instagram and shows the entire "Bridgerton" cast smiling in full costume with Simone and Daphne's baby front and center. In Julia Quinn's book "The Duke and I," which was the first to inspire the "Bridgerton" series, the Duke and Duchess of Hastings give birth to five children.

Does Kate leave for India in Bridgerton?

Kate asked where he was, but Lady Mary and Edwina informed her he hadn't come to visit since saving her life. Greatly saddened, Kate again decided to move back to India.

What happens when Kate falls off the horse?

Anthony races to find Kate and sees her fall off her horse and hit her head. He rushes her back to the Bridgerton home and sends for a doctor. Luckily, Kate survives the incident, though she is unconscious for about a week. Anthony is immensely relieved when she wakes up and proposes to her.

Will Simon and Daphne be in season 3?

Phoebe Dynevor has confirmed that Daphne Bridgerton will not appear in Season 3 of Netflix's “Bridgerton.”

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